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We provide integrated mental health, learning disability and community health services for a population of a million people in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. With a passion for quality, integration and excellence, our 5,400 staff are working to advance health and wellbeing for you and your community.
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About Us

Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust provides high quality integrated mental health, learning disability and community health services.

The Trust was created in 2002 to provide mental health, learning disability and substance misuse services. In April 2011 we merged with Leicester City and Leicester

shire County and Rutland Community Health Services as a result of the national Transforming Community Services agenda. This has given us great opportunities to join up mental health and physical health care pathways to advance health and wellbeing for the people and communities of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

We serve a population of one million people across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, have a budget in excess of £250 million and employ over 5,500 staff in a wide variety of roles.

We work with family doctors (GPs), local hospitals, social services and other local authority departments such as housing and education. We also work with voluntary organisations and local community groups.

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. We have a vision and have a set of values and strategic objectives which aim to ensure that anyone we care for is treated to high standards and with respect.

Our services are organised into three operational divisions: adult mental health and adult learning disability services; families, young people and children's services; and community health services. A detailed A to Z of our services can be found by clicking this link.

Adult Mental Health and Adult  Learning Disability Services
Our services work to deliver high quality care for adults with acute and enduring mental health conditions and complex learning difficulties, across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Services range from acute inpatient care, acute assessment and home treatment, day care, psychological therapies, community-based mental health care and assertive outreach, day care and prison healthcare, along with locality-based learning disability teams, short break homes, specialist inpatient care, autism and outreach services. Our learning disability teams also offer specialist advice and support to others involved in caring for someone with a learning disability.

We are also a teaching trust, which means we conduct research and provide training and education for medical, psychology, nursing and therapy students.

Families, Young People and Children's Services
Families, young people and children's services includes mental health services for children and young people, health visiting, school nursing, paediatric medicine, health promotion, sexual health and nutrition services. We deliver services in homes, community and neighbourhood centres, children's centres, health centres, hospitals, inpatient units, schools and nurseries.

Community Health Services
The community health services division includes adult nursing and therapy services and mental health services for older people. We deliver services in inpatient 

Our statement of purpose, as registered with the Care Quality Commission sets out the main services provided and premises from which we operate.wards, and through many community teams who work in clinics, day services and people's own homes.

Freedom of Information Act 2000 and TCS

We are fully committed to openness, transparency and accountability in our transactions as a public body and will endeavour to publish information at the 

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earliest opportunity during the period of integration to keep people informed of any changes. Any specific enquiries for information may, however, continue to be requested in the normal way. To find out more about this and how to make a request please take a look at our Access to information about LPT section. 

LPT is an active member of the Positive Practice Mental Health Collaborative



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