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We provide integrated mental health, learning disability and community health services for a population of a million people in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. With a passion for quality, integration and excellence, our 5,400 staff are working to advance health and wellbeing for you and your community.
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The Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team

What Does Our Service Do?

The Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team endeavours to provide a rapid assessment for those people who are experiencing a mental health crisis of such severity that without the intervention of the team, a hospital admission would be required. Following the assessment, if felt appropriate, intensive home treatment can be initiated for a short period of time, prior to being passed back to the GP or referred to other secondary services. The main route of referral is through the GP although people already receiving treatment from the trust can be referred by their mental health professional. The service is for those people living in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

How Does Our Service Work?

After referral you should expect contact from us, either by phone or in person the same day. The assessment is usually by two people, one of whom will be a registered Mental Health Practitioner. Most assessments take place in people’s homes; however, there is the option of using an alternative venue. The assessment will explore ways we can help. We encourage others to be involved; however, we will respect your wishes if you don’t want this. At the end of the assessment we will discuss options with you – these include hospital admission, home treatment from the team or to be referred or signposted to another service.

Around 80 people work in the service, including nurses, psychiatrists, social workers, health care support workers and administration staff.

We operate 24 hours a day 365 days a year and we receive nearly 4,000 referrals a year. At any one time we have between 100 and 130 service users using the service.

Our service is delivered from:

  • People’s homes
  • On the wards at the Bradgate unit
  • At the emergency department at the Leicester Royal Infirmary
  • At other mutually agreed venues, homes of friends or relatives, GP surgeries or other health care setting.
  • We do not work outside our defined geographical boundaries.

How Can You Access Our Service?

To access our service you can:

  • Speak to your GP who may refer you if felt necessary.
  • Speak to any other healthcare professional involved in your care

Contact Us

By telephone on: 0300 300 1010

By post:

The Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team,
Bradgate Unit
Groby Road,
Glenfield Hospital

Support Groups

  • MIND
  • LAMP
  • Citizens’ Advice Bureau

How Did We Do?

You can give feedback about our service using our feedback form.

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