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We provide integrated mental health, learning disability and community health services for a population of a million people in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. With a passion for quality, integration and excellence, our 5,400 staff are working to advance health and wellbeing for you and your community.
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Oakham House

What Does Our Service Do?

Oakham House is an in-patient unit which admits up to 10 children and young people between the ages of 11 - 18 who have mental health issues. We provide assessment, treatment and diagnosis of a range of conditions including, psychosis, depression, anxiety related disorders, Behavioural disturbances, eating disorders and Learning Disability associated with mental health. The team consists of trained psychiatric nurses, psychiatrists, Occupational Therapists, Family Therapist, teachers and Psychologists. The treatment package includes individual and group work. The Child and the family are an integral part of the process and will be involved in all aspects of the care.

How Does Our Service Work?

The service user can expect a comprehensive assessment of their physical and mental health needs. They will be seen daily by the nursing staff and will be involved in developing their care plan. They will participate in groups to help them develop their social and interactive skills and to enable them to be more independent. The medical staff will see them individually at least once a week and will provide assessment and other psychological work to help them. The therapists will work with them individually and in groups.

The inpatient unit is on one site with access to the three community teams within the service and we have 18 nurses, 1 consultant psychiatrist, 2 occupational Therapists, 2 Family Therapist, 1 teacher and 1 Psychologist.

We can admit up to 10 people at any one time and have around 100 admissions a year.

How Can You Access Our Service?

To access our service you can:

  • Speak to your GP and ask him to refer to our service
  • If known to CAMHS speak to your named worker

Contact Us

By telephone on 0116 2252800

The CAMHS inpatient service will move from Oakham House to Coalville Community Hospital (ward 3) on 24th March 2015.  The contact details will then change to the following;

Coalville Community Hospital
Broom Leys Road
LE67 4DE

Telephone: 01530 467400

Whitwick Ward: 01530 467403 
For more information about the relocation click here.

How Did We Do?

If you have any comments or queries about our service then please complete our online questionnaire and let us know how we are doing.

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