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We provide integrated mental health, learning disability and community health services for a population of a million people in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. With a passion for quality, integration and excellence, our 5,400 staff are working to advance health and wellbeing for you and your community.
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Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)


What Does Our Service Do?

The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) helps children and young people who have been referred by another healthcare professional.  Referrals are made if it’s thought the child or young person has emotional and/or behavioural difficulties at a level which requires specialist support.  We provide a range of services including initial assessments, therapy, group work, emergency assessments and in-patient care. 

How Does Our Service Work?

CAMHS sees about 2000 young people a year from around the City and County. The service also links with other children’s services to offer a multi-agency approach. The team is made up of doctors, nurses and therapists who specialise in child mental health. The support we provide varies according to need, from a one-off appointment to a programme of on-going care which lasts until the recipient feels better and is felt to be safe. 
When a child or young person is referred to our service, the referring healthcare professional would send a letter explaining the difficulties the young person faces, with particular reference to mental health. These requests are prioritised according to the perceived risk of harm to the child. We then contact referrers and families by letter to explain the service that we feel is most appropriate.  This usually involves an appointment to meet with us, but can also include advice to contact one of our partner services, where the difficulty described might be given a higher priority. 

Our service is delivered from: 

  • Most appointments are delivered in clinical bases, which differ depending whether you live in the City or the County.
  • Our Young Peoples Team works particularly with vulnerable young people in care and those who are involved with the youth offending service. 
  • CAMHS Learning Disability Team provide services for children with a moderate to profound Learning disability as defined in ICD 10 presenting with mental health and or associated behavioural problems.

How can you access our service?

To access our service you can:
  • Speak to your GP or Paediatrician
  • Speak to your Educational Psychologist - if you have one
  • Speak to a Social Worker - if you have one

Contact Us

By telephone on:

City Team 0116 2952900 or County Team 0116 2952992

Telephone Advisory Service for Professionals 0116 2955048 (open from 8.30am to 3.00pm weekdays only)

By email:

Visit our website at:

Or our address: 

CAMHS City Team:
Westcotes House,
Westcotes Drive,
LE3 0QU 

CAMHS County Team:
The Valentine Centre,
Gorse Hill Site,
Anstey Lane,
LE7 7GX 

Loughborough Hospital,
Hospital Way,
LE11 5JY 

CAMHS Learning Disability Team
London Road,
LE2 2PL 
0116 2255633

Young Peoples Team
Westcotes House,
Westcotes Drive,

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