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One in three people with depression have treatment resistant depression.

Research aims to overcome this.

Please find below the studies which will be open to recruitment this year:


BRIGhTMIND Participant Information Sheet

Pax-BD Participant Information Sheet

RESTORE-LIFE Participant Information Sheet

What is the research register?

We are keen to share research opportunities with those who are interested. To help with this we are building a research register.

The register will hold the names of people interested in hearing about or taking part in research related to treatment resistant depression (TRD).

Why do we need it?

One in three people with a history of depression have not responded to treatment (*NICE, 2018)

The register will allow researchers to inform and involve people with TRD and their families or friends about research.

The register will support pioneering, new and exciting research to better understand TRD and improve future care received.

How does the research register work?

Anyone with TRD or those caring for someone with TRD can join the register. The register will match and invite people to research studies that may be suitable for them.

Regular updates on research findings, newsletters or events will also be shared with people on the register.

What sort of research might it be?

The research studies may include testing new treatment options (like medicines, devices, therapy and
online help) or using questionnaires to better understand people’s experiences of TRD.

These studies may come from University organisations or commercial companies but they will have all met the ethical and legal requirements to be carried out in Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust.

How to join the register:

If you are interested in hearing from us regarding TRD studies, and wish to join the research register, please complete the registration form below:

If you have any questions please get in touch with the Research Team on 0116 295 7684 or