Thank you for making a nomination in the Celebrating Excellence 2022 awards. We are delighted to confirm that your nomination has been successful in making the shortlist! You and your nominee will be invited to the awards ceremony taking place on Thursday 13 October 2022 at the Mercure Leicester (The Grand Hotel).

As part of the ceremony, we would like to record some short videos (via Microsoft Teams) from each of the nominators talking about who they nominated and why they deserve to win the award.

Be prepared to answer the below two questions:

  1. Who did you nominate?
  2. Please give us three key reasons as to why you nominated this person for an award. Ensure your answer covers examples of the great work they’ve done or the impact they’ve made.

Top tips

  • Have a think about what you’d like to say beforehand, but don’t have a script – we want you to seem natural!
  • Keep your answer short and succinct but make sure you get your reasons for your nomination across.
  • Ensure that your shoulders and your full head are in the shot – we want to get your best side
  • Ensure you don’t have light behind you but in front of you instead
  • Relax as much as possible and smile – this is your chance to shine a light on your great nominee

Book your filming slot using the form below:

Please select ALL dates and times that you can make:(Required)

Once your slot is confirmed you will recieve a diary invitation containing further guidance.

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