Closing date: Wednesday 14 September 2022

Dear colleague,

We started our culture, leadership, and inclusion programme ‘Our Future Our Way’ back in 2019 with 92 change champions from across the Trust, and with their leadership we have made great strides in improving staff experience. We also know that a lot has happened since 2019 and we are in a very different place today. We would like to invite more staff to join us on our continued culture improvement journey as we look towards our next steps and our future. Could you become one of our ‘change leaders’ representing the services where you work to help improve staff and patient experience at LPT?

Improving equality, leadership and culture at LPT remains one of our top priorities for Step up to Great. As a ‘change leader’ you will join our existing team of change champions to play an important role in engaging staff and helping to co-design improvements in the following specialist areas: staff experience, patient experience, patient safety and quality improvement. In return you will receive a range of personal development, training and support to develop and empower you.

It is important that together we better understand the barriers that get in the way of our Trust being a great place to work and receive care and how best to address them. What will help everyone feel more valued, supported, and empowered? How can we create an even more inclusive and compassionate culture where our collective leadership helps teams to keep learning and improving? How can we build a culture across the Trust that we all feel proud of? We have already achieved a lot, now let’s build further and do more together.

If you are an enthusiastic, committed, and energetic member of staff with an interest in making improvements in culture, leadership, inclusion, quality improvement and patient experience/safety, please join us in this important work.

We are all leaders at LPT, and all have a voice that can make a difference. As a board, we are committed to ensuring staff feel listened to and can shape the way we do things at LPT. We would welcome your application and look forward to hearing from you. The form can be found at the bottom of this page.

Yours sincerely, LPT Trust Board

What’s involved

To help us on this journey, we are refreshing our network of ‘change leaders’ (formerly known as change champions) from across the Trust, to undertake engagement with staff, and the people who use our services, to co-design solutions and champion improvements. It is important that this network is representative of all roles, bands and backgrounds.   The change leaders will use information already available to us from recent staff survey results, listening conversations and through reset and rebuild and help us co-design and deliver improvements.  Change leaders will also support us to deliver ambitions set out within the NHS People Plan and People Promise.

Time commitment

Time commitment will be on an individual basis, in agreement with your line manager, and more information about this will be provided at the launch event in September 2022.

We are eager to hear from people who:

  • Are excited by change and want to make a positive difference to our culture
  • Embrace Trust values and leadership behaviours
  • Demonstrate an inclusive approach by working in an unbiased and non-judgemental manner
  • Are good communicators and listeners
  • Are motivated to work beyond their current role as an additional commitment
  • Are positive advocates to make LPT a great place to work and deliver care, and are willing to share and spread the culture and leadership messages
  • Have an interest in improving culture, leadership and inclusion, patient experience and patient safety and quality improvement

We are looking for staff that represent a cross section of job roles, bands, and professions at LPT. There will be no hierarchy in our change leader team and all change leaders will be supported to contribute equally. 

Our change leaders will be involved in the following:

  • Being part of a supportive change leader team
  • Modelling compassionate and inclusive behaviours every day in every interaction with everyone you meet
  • Carrying out staff engagement sessions
  • Working as a team to carry out staff engagement sessions, data analysis and identifying of key priorities and play an instrumental part in delivering solutions
  • Attend monthly change leader team meetings
  • Feedback to Board and the People and Culture Committee on a regular basis

Benefits to you

You will be fully trained and supported to carry out your role as a change leader. By playing a vital role in listening to and representing staff and service user voices, you will be helping to make LPT a better place in which to work and to receive care. Your contribution will help create a more inclusive and compassionate culture where we are all continuously learning and improving.

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