Better Mental Health For All is the plan to transform mental health services across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland that has emerged from the public consultation of 2021, Step up to Great Mental Health.  It has been developed through working with staff, service users, carers and partners, and from the findings of the public consultation, detailed in the Decision Making Business Case

What we are aiming to do:

  • Provide adult mental health services that deliver  high-quality care and a better experience for all
  • Provide more care locally – so people can get support without having to travel far
  • Working with other partners more effectively so we give a joined up service
  • Make our processes better to give our service users, and their families and carers, the best experience throughout their journey with us
  • Address increasing demand and reduce waiting lists

Making improvements with our partners’ help

We started the work on the transformation plan in 2018. We brought together lots of partners to help us design improvements to our services. This included service users, carers, our staff and other partners with an interest in mental health, such as GPs and social workers.

This design work has included:

1. What our adult mental health services should look like;
2. How the services should run;
3. What resources the services need to deliver excellent, high-quality integrated care

The outputs of all of this work was summarised into 13 Key Design Features.

Where are we now?

We are working with partners in the Integrated Care System (ICS) to develop a mental health strategy that takes into account all of the above – and includes the work of our partners. The partners in the ICS include the City Council, County Council, Rutland District Council and all the parts of the NHS. We are also working with voluntary sector partners across the county and city who are able to provide insight and a direct link to a wealth of different communities.

The strategy will cover areas such as:

  • Prevention and mental health and well-being
  • Urgent and emergency mental health
  • Planned community mental health
  • Inpatient mental health
  • Children and young people’s mental health and well-being
  • Getting help in neighbourhoods
  • Dementia

More information

In our implementation plans we will be reflecting that mental services can only be improved by working with partners across the city and county to make the best use of knowledge and resources. .

If you want to know more or want to get involved, you can email the transformation team at

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