“We are absolutely committed to co-designing our services with people who use the services, their carers, individuals who work in the services, organisations that interact with the services and people that want to see the services improved.”

Intervention Pathways

A large proportion of the work of Stage 3 involved the co-design of new mental health and learning disability intervention pathways (also known as care or treatment pathways). The need for new intervention pathways came about from stage 2 of the programme in order to:

• Ensure we consistently deliver best practice and evidence-based treatment to people;

• Provide clear expectations for services, staff, service users and carers;

• Organise resources fairly and equally;

• Encourage flow through services

The intervention pathways are designed to increase consistency of the treatment offered across teams and support service users in being better informed around their likely journey with our services. They contain some common features but the content for each one is very different and unique.

You can read more about what the intervention pathways are, how they have been co-designed as well as some FAQs, here.

Below is a list of the draft pathways that have been developed so far. Click on each one to view. We recommend you follow our step by step guide how to read a pathway beforehand.





Eating Disorders


Personality Difficulties



Complex physical – under development

Dementia – under development


We will publish further pathways as they’re developed.

We want to develop the pathways further to make them more accessible and easier to understand. We value your insight. Please direct any feedback on how you think we could improve the look and feel of the intervention pathways to: MHLDTransformationteam@leicspart.nhs.uk