We created our People’s Council in 2021 to provide us with an independent voice to help the Trust to ensure that our services are great for all. Its membership consists of Patient and Carer Leaders, Lived Experience Partners, senior representatives of local Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise organisations and representatives of the Trust.

We are looking to recruit three People’s Council Lived Experience Partners.

The People’s Council Lived Experience Partner role is a key part of our Lived Experience Leadership Framework. Our Lived Experience Partners will work alongside clinical and non-clinical staff, patients, and carers, drawing upon personal experience and expertise to provide insight into the design, improvement and delivery of the services provided by the Trust.

Drawing upon your experience of living with a health condition and other life expertise:

  • Provide a patient perspective on the design, planning, delivery and performance of services and issues related to patient and public experience of the Trust.
  • Work as an equal partner alongside staff and patients in helping to co-produce the design, delivery, and evaluation of our services.
  • Use your lived experience to provide advice and expertise on what support and services will make a positive difference to patients and carers.

Please note applications for our Lived Experience Partner roles have now closed.  We hope to be recruiting to more Partners later in the year.  If you are interested in getting involved please contact us at LPT.Patient.Experience@nhs.net and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

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