2 April 2020 – Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, alongside the wider NHS, has established major incident procedures to best coordinate its response to issues relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are responding to the incident in various ways:

  • Changing how we are delivering services face to face contact and group-based activities
  • Adjusting our approach to patient contact in line with best isolation and protective measures

We are implementing national guidance on service prioritisation for community health services and mental health to determine priorities for services.  This does mean that some services will temporarily stop or, partially stop. The latest position for each services is being described on our website here.  Our approach is focused on maintaining the delivery of critical services and enabling the Trust to rapidly respond to anticipated surges in demand. Specifically, our surge plans include:

  • An increase of around 70% increase in beds in Community hospital in-patients (medical step down and end of life care through a phased introduction of 75 Independent sector beds and an extra 72 beds on LPT additional wards;
  • home First, community based end of life care and UHL discharge hub: most LPT staff not redeployed to support an increase in bed numbers will be deployed to one of eight community hubs across LLR, and the discharge hub in UHL to support the delivery of anticipated increases in demand for these services;
  • A new Mental Health Urgent Care Hub to streamline urgent mental health patients to reduce emergency department at LRI; and
  • A new Central Access Point for mental health to provide direct number 24 / 7 to referrers and service users for mental health support starting from 6 April 2020.

Read the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland (LLR) wide stakeholder bulletins:

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