We have compiled a list of some online resources about autism that you may find useful. 

Although we make every effort to ensure these links are accurate, up to date and relevant, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust cannot take responsibility for pages maintained by external providers. 



Autism Space 

A wealth of information on autism in general but also lots of useful information especially for those living in Leicester, Leicestershire, and Rutland. Includes information on support groups and services. 



National Autistic Society 

Lots of information and resources to support autistic people and their families, loved ones and carers 



Reframing Autism 

A superb Australian website made by autistic people, for autistic people with lots of resources 




The Uk’s leading autism research and campaigning charity. With lots of self-help resources and information about research. 

Home – Autism | Autistica


Autism Understood 

A website about autism for autistic young people 



Autism Central 

An informative website with a Midlands hub for Leicestershire. Autism Central Hubs offer guidance to families, carers and personal assistants of autistic people. Hubs may also run events such as workshops, drop-in sessions, coffee mornings or virtual meet-ups. 

Contact and Ambitious about Autism (Midlands) | Autism Central



a wealth of resources including a large bank of explanatory videos produced by UK autistic person, Quinn. 



Embrace Autism 

A platform to distribute research and experience-based information on autism. It is run by two autistic psychologists and based in the USA. 



Dr Pooky Knightsmith 

An autistic mum of autistic kids. Her website contains a wealth of well-presented resources containing loads of practical tips. There is autism specific content plus information about keeping your mental health in the best shape. 



Spectrum Gaming 

A gaming community for under 18s made for and by autistic people. The website has links to their YouTube channel and Twitter feed. 



Leicestershire Autistic Society 

A local organisation who also run some support groups. 




By and for autistic people 



Online Courses

Autism Essentials 

Reframing Autism is pleased to introduce Autism Essentials – our free, self-paced online course that provides a neuro-affirming understanding of Autism. 

This course is designed for a wide variety of lived experiences as well as different levels of pre-existing knowledge about Autism, from those that are totally new to the topic to those that have formal education in Autism. 

Whether you are Autistic, formally diagnosed, self-identified or think you might be Autistic, a family member or loved one of an Autistic person, a researcher, teacher, other professional, or ally, we hope you learn something new or deepen and extend your existing knowledge of Autism and the Autistic community. 

The course focuses on five main areas: 

  • Language 
  • What Is Autism? 
  • Brain Differences 
  • Communication and Socialising 
  • Thinking and Processing 

All learners access the same base information in the course, but each topic has multiple worksheets available for different levels of knowledge about Autism. You can choose to complete the level that best fits your knowledge to customise your learning in a way that works for you. 

Click this link to register: 




Molehill Mountain 

An app to support autistic people with anxiety.   

Click here to get the app Molehill Mountain | Autistica 

Based on CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) which has been adapted to be more autism friendly.  The app supports you to log your worries and gives tips on how anxiety works and how to manage it.  You can view your progress with stats and graphs. 




What is Autism? 

A National Autistic Society animation. 

What is Autism? – YouTube

Amazing Things Happen 

A video by Alexander Amelines.  

Amazing Things Happen – by Alexander Amelines – YouTube

Walk in My Shoes 

An animation of Erin Davidson’s story explaining how being autistic affected her in school. 

Walk In My Shoes – YouTube


Autism and Anxiety 

A brief, animation from Autistica that explains autistic anxiety. 

Anxiety in autism explained. #AnxietyBreakthroughs – YouTube


Why are Autistic Folks Anxious? 

Dr Luke Beardon speaks to the Autistic Girls Network and shares his expertise and insight on this topic. He offers problem solving ideas not just for helping individuals in the here and now but also ideas on how society and systems should change to enable inclusion and better outcomes for autistic people. 

Autism and Anxiety with Dr. Luke Beardon – YouTube


Purple Ella 

UK based Ella makes videos about her life with autism, ADHD and chronic illness (hEDS) 



A Kind of Spark 

A fictional book by Elle McNicholl with neuro-diversity affirmative characters/storyline 

Adapted to children/young people’s drama – CBBC 


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