What are the aims of research in the NHS?

  •   To develop new treatments and medicines
  •   To prevent illnesses
  •   To improve quality of life
  •   To improve our understanding of the causes of medical and psychological conditions and how they develop
  •   To understand the emotional and physical support needed by people living with a condition.
  •   To improve the way that services are delivered to deliver better outcomes.

As a University Teaching and Research Active Trust, we want to promote and support high quality research and attract staff that share our passion. We see it as an essential part of our drive to provide the best quality of care, to be at the leading edge of innovation, and to ensure our services are both cost-effective, safe and of the highest quality.

We actively encourage our staff to participate by supporting research or to develop their own ideas in alliance with the public, and to lead these to a successful conclusion. Staff from all disciplines are already active in research, across all our services and making a real difference every day. However, although our staff are critical to research being driven forward in all areas of the organisation, we cannot do this without the support of the most important groups of all, our patients, service users, carers and the wider public.

Taking part in research

If you are treated in, or in contact with any one of our services, you may be invited to take part in clinical research. It is entirely up to you whether or not you wish to be involved. If you decide not to participate, you will still be treated with the best care currently available.

The length of time each study takes and what you’ll need to do varies depending on what is being investigated and on the specific tests and measurements that are needed. Some trials may involve overnight stays, or making additional visits to our services. We’ll make these clear to you when you sign up for the study.

If you enquire about one of our studies our research staff will give you more information on the estimated length of the study and what to expect if you agree to take part. They will also discuss eligibility and screening with you. Most studies have quite specific inclusion and exclusion criteria, and all potential participants are screened to make sure they are eligible for a study.

Healthy Volunteers can take also part in some healthcare research.

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