Research and best practise in the field of autism is constantly evolving. This includes the ways that we talk about autism and autistic people, which have moved on significantly from the past.

The ways autistic people are spoken about should be decided by autistic people. The guides below have been produced by CAPTAP (Community Against Prejudice Towards Autistic People) and draw on research that has established what sort of language the majority of autistic people are comfortable with.

Autistic people make up a small but significant proportion of the population, so the guides are useful for everyone – regardless of whether you work or live with an autistic person. Though, it is always best practice to check with any autistic person you are speaking to about their personal preferences.

CAPTAP is an organisation founded by researchers at the University of Sterling.

Click here to go to their website and find out more about their work.


How to talk about autistic ways of being, explanatory text

To view the original documents and related research please click here to go to the CAPTAP website.


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