Leicester City Council 

Find out and apply for benefits you may be entitled to, including housing benefit and council tax support, manage your online account or get additional help and support around:

  • Your council benefits 
  • Fuel costs 
  • Budgeting advice tool 
  • Other financial support 

Click here to use the benefits calculator, apply for a benefit and get budgeting advice. 

Leicestershire County Council 

There are benefits and financial help available depending on your disability or the disability of the person you care for. 

Click here for benefits and financial help for disabled young people and their carers.

Rutland Information Service- Rutland County Council 

Click here for money matters advice for families.

Includes employment, grants and benefits, making ends meet, money advice, paying for childcare and financial crisis support. 

Click here for money matters advice for adults

Includes information on money matters ‘where to start’, financial crisis support, benefits, making ends meet, money advice and paying for care. 

National benefits advice and support 

Mencap – Benefits for people with a Learning Disability

Managing Money Online Course

A free online learning module offered by MoneySuperMarket.com in association with the National Autistic Society.  It can be completed all in one go – or section by section over as many times as needed. 

It covers a wide range of money-related topics, including: how to manage money, set up a bank account, use a cashpoint, and so on. Some of this information may vary depending on the bank you are accessing. 

Click here to access the course

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