The Specialist Autism Team (SAT) is a multi-disciplinary team committed to improving the quality and care for people who are autistic.

The team provide post-diagnostic support to autistic people aged 14 and upwards, including adults.

The team are focused on supporting autistic people and/or their carers to ‘Understand their Autism’. The team provide group workshops and 1:1 interventions for more complex individuals.  Interventions are delivered on a sessional basis and are between 6-8 sessions following the assessment phase.

The team will also work closely with partner organisations such as education providers and social services to provide holistic care and more support where it is needed.

First assessments may be done initially by video call.

The team offers a range of care and support, as set out below:


The ChatAutism text messaging service is for anyone who has an autism diagnosis, thinks they might be autistic or are awaiting a diagnosis – as well as their family or carers. By texting 07312 277097 you can  access free, safe and confidential advice and support from a qualified health professional.

Psychoeducational workshop (also known as the team’s routine pathway)

The team will deliver workshops to groups of young people/or family and to adults with a diagnosis of autism who are exhibiting a minor/definite deterioration in health and wellbeing due to a lack of understanding around their autism.

Understanding my Autism Workshop

This is a set of 6 psychoeducation workshops covering the following topics:

  • Core features of autism
  • Occupation and sensory approaches
  • Communication and autism
  • Executive functioning
  • Autism and mental health
  • Understanding behaviours

These workshops are currently delivered via MS Teams and are in the process of being made available via My Guidance (self-directed by patients).

To attend these workshops, you must:

  • have a formal diagnosis of autism
  • be 14 years and older

You do not need to have a lead professional to access the workshops.

One to one interventions

After attending a workshop and assessment, the team may offer further one to one support if appropriate.

Where someone is accepted for 1:1 interventions, it will focus on one of the following areas:

Understanding my Autism:

  • A ‘reasonable adjustments’ document
  • Communication strategies
  • Help with meaningful occupation – establishing routine and structure
  • Help with nutrition and hydration – dietary support
  • Improving physical health – attending medical app with support
  • Understanding behaviours
  • Support to understand family dynamics
  • Support to understand emotions/emotional regulation
  • Support to understand sensory needs and appropriate strategies

In order to access the 1:1 interventions, you will need a Lead Professional (e.g. Consultant Psychiatrist, CPN, psychologist etc).

Other services

The team will also provide advice and guidance to colleagues from other agencies.

Referral criteria

The Specialist Autism Team (SAT) supports patients who are 14-years-old upwards, who have a formal diagnosis of autism and must consent to the referral.

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