The Learning, Communication and Interaction (Autism) Team provides efficient and effective support on an individual, group or whole school basis for pupils with autism and communication and interaction needs. 

They provide every Leicester City school with a designated LCI teacher to support staff and children through staff training, coaching and mentoring, and through individual support for pupils. The LCI teachers assess learning and communication needs and offer bespoke advice on how best to meet individual needs.  

Who can access the service?

School-aged children (aged four to sixteen) who live in Leicester and/or attend a Leicester City school. Independent schools, colleges and schools in Leicestershire may also request support for individual students. 

The LCI team run parent workshops and courses.  These can be found on their website where you are also able to book on.  

Referral process

Schools and colleges can make a referral to the LCI team, with consent from parents/carers. The referral form is available on the Leicester City extranet.  

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