All autistic children are different. They will all have different preferences and needs when it comes to social communication and friendships

Points to be mindful of:

  • Some autistic children love to socialise and can find it easy – some don’t
  • Even those who love to socialise will often like to have some time alone, to help recover from any sensory or social stressors
  • Some autistic children want to spend break and lunch times alone – and are happy with this, not lonely
  • Some autistic children may want to make friends but not know how to go about this
  • Autistic children can be prone to misunderstandings with their peers or even friends. Click here for information on communication and the reasons this could happen
  • Many autistic people struggle to recognise emotions – their own and those of other people. This can sometimes make relationships more confusing and difficult
  • Some autistic children may appreciate adult support to make and navigate friendships – such as being paired up with a peer at break time or being encouraged to join a lunchtime club. Others may find this idea very stressful

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