If you’re autistic and find that you’re completely exhausted when you get home from work or school you may have been masking during the day perhaps without even knowing it.

Masking can be conscious or unconscious behaviour where an autistic person tries to behave in a different way to ‘fit in’ with their surroundings. This can help avoid unwanted attention and help them to feel safer. It can include controlling emotions, needs and gestures in an unnatural way and can lead to problems with mental health and meltdowns/shutdowns or burnout.

  • Make sure you allow yourself time to recover if you feel exhausted or burnt out
  • Spend time with other autistic people to help you understand your masking better and share your experiences
  • If you feel able, talk to those around you so they can understand how you are affected by autism and how and why you need to mask
  • Consider spending time on positive mental health behaviours such as yoga, exercise or listening to podcasts

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