Autistic people can sometimes find social situations challenging. In this video we explore tips you can use to help you understand conversations more easily; and how to get further support if you are struggling.

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  • Don’t just listen to what people say but listen to how they say it. Use social cues like their face or body language to work out how they feel.
  • Sarcasm can be especially hard to understand. Listening out for changes in tone of voice and watching how people act when they speak can help you understand what they mean.
  • If you don’t like looking at people’s faces while talking, then it can be difficult to spot social cues. You may find that talking to only one person at a time is easier.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand and ask your friends to use precise language when talking to you.
  • For more support you can always talk to the SENCO at school or text ChatAutism on 07312 277097.

If you’d like to find groups in your area with other autistic people click here to take a look at our support services page.

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