Depression is treatable, with the right support most people make a full recovery.

Some of the recommended forms of treatment for depression include;

Talking therapies

Counselling: a therapy that involves talking to someone about your thoughts and feelings to try and help resolve things you may be struggling with. To help find a service that works for you, try using the Counselling Services Directory.

Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT): a therapy that helps to identify and challenge negative thoughts and behaviour patterns to help change the way you think and feel about things. Some autistic people may find CBT challenging.


Studies have shown mindfulness to be an effective treatment for depression. Mindfulness helps you to stop and focus on your thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and the things around you and accept them as they are without judgement.


Regular exercise can have many positive benefits including releasing chemicals called endorphins in the brain. Endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body which can help to improve your overall sense of wellbeing.

Self-care, sleep and diet

Taking time out daily for yourself to do something you enjoy and find relaxing like reading a book or drawing can help to improve your sense of wellbeing. Getting enough sleep and eating a balanced diet can also help to boost your mood.


Your GP may prescribe medication to help with symptoms; these are called Anti-depressants. Your GP will tell you how often you will need to take these and how long you will be on them for.

If you or someone you know is going through depression, it is important to get help and support as early as possible.

Talk to someone you trust such as a friend, parent/ caregiver, teacher and tell them how you are feeling.

If you are struggling with your symptoms, make an appointment to speak to your GP to get some help and support.

If you are having thoughts about harming yourself or suicide, it is important to speak to someone, contact one of the services below and get some help:


Whatever you’re going through you can call us any time, from any phone for free on:

116 123


The UK’s first 24/7 crisis text service, provides free, confidential, 24/7 text message support in the UK for anyone who is struggling to cope. This service is free on all major mobile networks, for anyone in crisis, anytime.

Text SHOUT to 85258.

Central Access Point

If you are in need of urgent NHS mental health support, you should call the Mental Health Central Access Point which is open 24/7.

Call: 0808 800 3302

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