Wednesday 28 February – NSPCC national training centre (lunch provided).

09:30 – 16:30 hrs

People with a learning disability and/or autism face far too many health inequalities throughout their lives. We believe that addressing inequalities is everyone’s business. That’s why we want to work across all our communities and neighbourhoods to enable better access to ordinary services.

This key ambition will ensure radical change and transformation of services. But to do this we need your help to establish the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Learning Disability and Autism Health Equity Network.

Please join us at our health equity event where we’ll:

  • explain why health equity is a key priority for the LDA Collaborative and why a health equity network is needed;
  • focus on the role neighbourhood leads and others can have in recognising health inequalities;
  • highlight the role of our Health Equity Champions and how they address the challenges faced in your neighbourhoods; and
  • our future vision for the Learning Disability and Autism Health Equity Network and how you can play a key role.

You’ll get the opportunity to meet experts by experience, parents and carers and hear about the type of support they want and what’s already working for them.

We’ll also provide examples of the range of people, services, organisations and businesses that could become Health Equity Champions to support people with a learning disability. This includes hairdressers, dance companies, libraries, leisure centres, scout groups, mental health neighbourhood cafes and faith centres.

Please click here for more information and to reserve your free place.