A grateful patient has promised to return to the hospital that helped set him back on the road to recovery from Covid-19.

Kully Sidki spent eight weeks in three different hospitals, including a fortnight of rehabilitation at Coalville Community Hospital.

A year later, he is still feeling the effects of long covid.

He said: “Over the last 12 months I have been trying my best to get mobile again and get active. I am 95 per cent there now, and I feel as though I am getting stronger by the day.”

He has received ongoing physiotherapy support on the phone, by video conference, and more recently in person. He is also due to go to a specialist long covid clinic to help with nerve damage to his legs.

But he has returned to work, running Leicester Sports Centre. He said: “I am a workaholic. We have had a lot of time to do some planning work and some building work. I have thrown myself into doing that to keep myself busy. That has helped to keep me mentally focused, to keep physically active and to continue building my strength.”

Due to visiting restrictions at the time, Kully’s family were not able to see him for the eight weeks he was at Coalville, The Leicester Royal Infirmary, and Glenfield Hospital. He said: “I had really missed my wife and my children so much. Seeing them was a beautiful experience and I was so lucky that I managed to come back from my ordeal.

“There’s not one day that’s gone by when I have not thought about the support and help that I received from the NHS from all the healthcare professionals across the board, and they have really helped me back on to my feet. But I want to say a very big thank-you to Coalville Community Hospital for the support and help that they gave me, and now that we are opening back up again I will be going back to see them to say thank-you in person.”

Maria Warden, matron at Coalville Community Hospital, said: “We would welcome him back with open arms. He was so determined to recover, he was inspirational. It would be fabulous to see him.”

Fiona Myers, director of Community Health Services for Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, said: “We are proud of all our staff across our community hospitals and the part they’ve played, and continue to play, in supporting patients in our local NHS response to the pandemic. We wish Kully all the best for the future. Please do play your part in protecting our NHS and take up the vaccine when it is your turn.”

To watch Kully discuss his recovery, follow this link: https://youtu.be/nj_3xXgBzS0 .