LPT wishes to clarify the current situation at Feilding Palmer Hospital in regards to the possibility of admitting inpatients. Feilding Palmer Hospital will only be used in the event that current hospitals designated to take Covid-positive patients are full.

Modifications are being carried out to Feilding Palmer Hospital in case it needs to accommodate Covid-positive inpatients only.

Last month the hospital temporarily suspended admissions because its layout meant it would be impossible to stop the spread of the virus among patients and did not comply with new requirements for infection control and social distancing. This would no longer be a problem if all patients were Covid-positive.

Alterations are due to be carried out by the end of July to create a separate entrance for the inpatient and outpatient parts of the hospital, and to create an additional disabled toilet. This will also reduce the number of inpatient beds from ten to eight, in order to meet national NHS guidance in relation to providing safe inpatient care post Covid-19 and protect staff.

Hinckley and Bosworth Community Hospital remains the primary site for Covid-positive physical health inpatients within LPT, and Feilding Palmer will only be used if Hinckley and Bosworth becomes full.

Planning for the resumption of outpatient clinics at Feilding Palmer is going through the same recovery process being used to reinstate all other services.

National guidance is regularly updated and we review the requirements each time there are changes.