Patients and staff from the Bradgate Unit, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust’s acute mental health inpatient unit, have collaborated on a ‘landmark’ transformation of their ward.

A vibrant mural now covers an entire wall in one of the communal rooms on Ashby Ward, which provides care for men experiencing acute mental illness.It was created to help make the environment a more calming one.

The mural showcases iconic landmarks from the local area – the city’s clock tower along with a stag in Bradgate Park and ‘Old John’, the folly at the top of the park’s highest hill which shares the same name.

Ward staff and patients worked together to choose the theme for the room and the work was carried out by local artists from creative street art specialists Graffwerk, thanks to £1,800 of charitable funding.

Ward matron Saskya Falope said: “The wall did have some pictures previously but it wasn’t very exciting. We wanted something that would feel familiar and help to make people feel more relaxed.

“The suggestion to have a mural came from healthcare support worker Apexa Patel– ‘Pex’ – a member of the team on Ashby Ward, and the patients have been fully involved in choosing the subject matter.

“The mural is providing a great talking point and a stimulating backdrop for therapeutic activities during our patients’ stay. Everyone has been delighted with the