We have published a social value charter, highlighting our commitment to social, environmental, and economic improvements in the communities across our Leicestershire Partnership and Northamptonshire Healthcare Group.

We pledge to contribute to our local communities beyond our day-to-day work to reduce avoidable inequalities and improve health and wellbeing, and our new charter establishes how we will deliver this social value in line with our Step up to Great strategy, as well as our national and local priorities.

The charter identifies five priorities we will be focusing on, which have been informed by the needs of our population, patients, and workforce, and have been identified by our local partners including our Integrated Care Boards and local authorities.

The priorities are:

  • Organisational Resilience
  • Economic Inequality
  • Climate Change
  • Equality of opportunity
  • Volunteering

You can read more about each of these priorities in the new social value charter here.

Alison Gilmour, Group Director of Strategy & Partnerships, said: “Across the Leicestershire Partnership and Northamptonshire Healthcare Group we provide more than just healthcare services, we also contribute to the local communities we serve, providing jobs, advice, impacting the environment and interacting with local businesses, charities, and groups.

“Our new Group social value charter has been developed to ensure that when working with these other organisations, whether it be through a procurement process or a partnership arrangement, there is a commitment to support the social, environmental, and economic resources within our communities.

“Through this activity we will be able to evidence social, economic and environmental outcomes, all attributed to measurable commitments that enables us to fulfil our obligation as organisations delivering social value outlined in our charter.”

How does our new social value charter fit into Step up to Great?

The new social value will help us to deliver our Step up to Great strategy and our vision to creating high quality, compassionate care and well-being for all.

For example, as part of our commitment to economic inequality highlighted in the charter, we will be striving to increase employment and training opportunities for local people, as well as work with education and training providers to help ensure young people are equipped with the right skills to match the requirements of the NHS labour market.

This in turn will help to grow our staff capability and ultimately improving patient outcomes, a key building block of our Step up to Great strategy.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be sharing examples and case studies of how colleagues across the organisation are already contributing to social value, and how that fits in to our Step up to Great strategy.