Staff at Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust (LPT), alongside the rest of the NHS workforce, are providing care to patients who have Covid-19 either as their primary condition, or on top of other conditions we have been treating them for.

To ensure that staff are supported to look after their own health and wellbeing during the demands of this unprecedented pandemic they have been supported to set up ‘Wobble Rooms’ in their area: a dedicated room where they can take a break, find a moment of calm away from their work environment, relax and reflect on what they were going through. 42 Wobble Rooms have been set up across LPT.

The wobble rooms are part of a wider range of health and wellbeing support for LPT staff, including resources and information on calming exercises and coping techniques, and signposting to psychological support options should they need immediate support.

The wobble rooms have been funded through from the Trust’s Raising Health charity and from the national NHS Charities Together enabling the purchase of meditation books, 5-minute stress tip books, stress relief toys, jigsaws, mindful colouring books, hand creams and drinks, sweet and healthy treats.

Cathy Ellis LPT Chair and Chair of our charity Raising Health said: “the staff comments we have received say how beneficial the wobble rooms have been for their everyday wellbeing.  It is important that we sustain this support during the Covid-19 crisis and prioritise self-care for our staff.  We understand that it’s OK to not be OK and the Wobble Rooms are there for those times”

Feedback from the rooms has all been positive, some of the comments received from staff include:

“I think this communicates volumes to the team about how we need to look after ourselves right now, in order to be able to support the needs of our vulnerable patient group; by keeping our own anxieties contained, helping us manage through this period of time with resilience, connection to one another and enabling a positive team spirit.”

“I have spoken to several staff and they have all said that they really appreciate that the Trust has considered their Wellbeing during these difficult and challenging times and all speak very positively of the rooms in both areas. We have loved seeing up-dates on LPT Facebook about all the different Wobble Rooms across the Trust and feel really connected and valued”

“The Wobble rooms have been a fantastic initiative, they really do provide a safe space for staff, somewhere for them to go when maybe they just need a bit of time out, some peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the busy working day, a time to ponder and have a snack or drink, or just quietly sit. Lots of staff have made use the additional resources, chill out music, hand creams, relaxation books, stress toys, mindfulness techniques etc“

Cathy concluded: “we are massively proud of all our staff and their hard work and commitment to keeping our patients safe. Their health and wellbeing is important to us and we are thankful for everyone who has supported us, including the National NHS Charities Together Trust and local businesses for their donations”.