Following the success of recent drop-in Covid vaccination sessions at Leicester’s Peepul Centre, two further drop-in sessions have been arranged.

These will take place on Tuesday March 30 and Wednesday March 31, both from 4pm to 7pm at The Peepul Centre, Orchardson Avenue, Leicester, LE4 6DP.

Around 450 people took advantage of a similar drop-in session on Sunday (March 28).

The clinics are open to the following eligible groups:

Fiona McGuigan, clinical lead for LPT’s vaccination programme, said: “We are keen to ensure we vaccinate as many people as we can from the priority cohorts.

“We are doing this in a variety of ways. The success of Sunday’s session shows that for some people turning up without an appointment is what works for them.

“These two new sessions will be at times when many people are returning from work.

“If you are in the priority groups please do take up this opportunity; all you need is some proof of identity to confirm you are in one of the eligible groups.”

Vaccinations can still be booked at other hospital sites, as well as through GP practices. For further details of these options visit:

For further information about the vaccine visit: