A Leicester psychiatrist has been appointed by the Royal College of Psychiatrists to the prestigious post of Presidential lead for international affairs.
Prof Mohammed Al-Uzri, a consultant psychiatrist with Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust (LPT), will play a key role in delivering the college’s international strategy and will oversee its overseas work for the next three years.
He said: “It is a privilege to take this role and help with implementing the new International strategy of the college.
“The international activity of the college has been an interest of mine for some time and I welcome the opportunity to contribute to the good work of the college at the international arena.”
Prof. Al-Uzri is an associate medical director with LPT, leading work on innovation and research and working as part of the Trust’s mental health assertive outreach team who provide specialist care for individuals with enduring mental illness who struggle to engage with mainstream services.
An honorary professor at the University of Leicester, he teaches medical students and junior doctors, and promotes research in mental health. Through his work with Leicester University, he has also led an award-nominated programme to modernise undergraduate medical education in Iraq since 2010.
His new appointment working closely with College President Dr Adrian James, comes at a time when the global impact of Covid-19 on mental health continues to concern mental health professionals internationally. Prof. Al-Uzri will be using his extensive experience to support mental health development abroad in his new role.
He commented: “Covid-19 is a global emergency and we will be looking to share our skills and knowledge globally, bringing together learning. As the NHS we have a lot to offer and colleagues abroad will be looking to us to share our experience, knowledge and skills.
“But it’s important to remember that this is two-way learning and we are buoyed up by how much we can learn from colleagues overseas.”
Congratulating Dr Al-Uzri on his appointment, LPT chief executive Angela Hillery said: “I am so pleased to hear of this recognition and appointment for Prof. Al-Uzri as I know this is a highly valued position within the Royal College of Psychiatry and reflects Prof. Al-Uzri’s leadership . We are very proud of him and wish him every success in this new role.”
Dr Avinash Hiremath, interim medical director for LPT added: “Our heartiest congratulations go to Prof Al-Uzri on his appointment to this prestigious and respected role with the Royal College of Psychiatrists.
“We are proud of his achievements with the college. Our staff and our patients have benefited directly from his work as the College’s Medical Training Initiative and look forward to him sharing his experience and learning from this important new role.”