Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust’s (LPT) charity, Raising Health has set up a special Covid-19 relief fund to provide emergency funds to support staff at this incredibly difficult time and to provide additional resources for patients currently in their care.

Dr Andy Green, a local scientist, decided that he wanted to help LPT raise money for their charity Raising Health and so far has raised over £1000.

Andy, a keen photographer, raised the money by taking photos of his local area, Sileby in Leicestershire. He then added the images to three different postcards which the local community have been able to purchase to send to their loved ones.

Andy said:

“Being in lockdown, I have found myself with more time to go back to my hobby of phtography. Around two weeks ago I started posting my pictures daily on the local Sileby community Facebook page.  Members of the Facebook group encouraged me to do some prints which then led me on to the idea of creating postcards that people could buy to send to their family and friends during this pandemic.

“Within two weeks I have produced three postcards and I have raised over £1000 for Leicestershire Partnership Trust’s charity Raising Health for their Covid-19 relief fund. I hope to raise even more in the weeks to come.

Cathy Ellis, Chair of LPT said:

“Thank you to Andy on behalf of everyone here at LPT, the postcards look brilliant!  This is a lovely fundraising idea for the NHS whilst also helping families to keep in touch with each other.  All the money you have raised will go towards supporting our frontline staff during these unprecedented times.

Money raised for LPT’s Covid-19 relief fund will go towards:

  • Dedicated ‘Wobble Rooms’ for when staff and volunteers need to take a break away from their workplace if they are feeling stressed, upset or unable to carry on. The rooms will be stocked with relaxation and mindfulness resources to help them to cope with the extraordinary demands they are facing each day
  • Free hot drinks, bottled cold drinks and nutritious snacks
  • Hand creams and body creams for staff who are washing their hands frequently and wearing personal protective clothing for long periods of time
  • Single use activities for patients in our care to reduce the risk of spreading infection, whilst providing a way to help manage their increased anxiety

Andy Green’s Sileby postcards can be purchased by getting in touch with Andy via his Facebook or Instagram page.

To donate to LPT’s Covid-19 relief fund, please visit: https://www.raisinghealth.org.uk/donate/lptcovid19-1