Rebecca McGlone and Jaimini Amin, recipients of the esteemed title of Queen’s Nurses, are dedicated to striving for excellence in community nursing, utilising their personal experiences of overcoming early academic challenges to inform and elevate their training of others.

“The Queen’s Nurses award symbolises a commitment to ongoing professional development and promoting excellence in community nursing,” emphasises Rebecca McGlone, a resident of Shepshed.

She, alongside Jaimini from Leicester, shares an unwavering passion for nursing, propelling them into roles as clinical educators, integral in shaping the future of nursing at Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust.

Rebecca, diagnosed with dyslexia later in life, worked as a seamstress while trying to gain the qualifications needed for a nursing career. Rebecca embarked on her nursing journey at 29. After a decade in intensive care, she transitioned to community and district nursing in North West Leicestershire. Today, she focuses on training the next generation of community nurses and healthcare support workers.

“Nursing was what I always wanted to do; I felt like I had found my home,” reflects Rebecca, highlighting the significance of supporting trainees based on her own experiences.

Jaimini Amin’s distinctive journey began with working for social services at 18 years old, and then continued as a healthcare support worker in 2005 with LPT. She was seconded to do her nurse training and was also diagnosed with having dyslexia at a later age. She learned to compensate for her dyslexia, excelled at being a nurse, and has now progressed to becoming a Queen’s Nurse.

“Community is the heart of my passion; it is very patient-centred,” says Jaimini, underlining her commitment to making a positive impact. Her dedication to helping students echoes her enduring passion for the core of community-focused nursing.

Both nurses emphasise that the Queen’s Nurses award, achieved by around 1700 professionals nationwide, not only recognizes individual accomplishments but also signifies a collective dedication to advancing the community nursing profession.

Rebecca and Jaimini’s stories celebrate their individual achievements but also inspire others to overcome challenges and thrive in the nursing profession. In the face of adversity, these Queen’s Nurses have risen to the top, showcasing resilience, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to patient-centred care.

Sam Leak, LPT’s director for community health services, said: “I am very proud of Rebecca and Jaimini, who have risen to the ranks of nursing royalty. They deserve huge congratulations.

“Their hard work will now help our new generations of clinicians to deliver excellent patient care.”