If you are in need of urgent NHS mental health support you should call our Mental Health Central Access Point on 0808 800 3302. For more information head to: www.leicspart.nhs.uk/contact/urgent-help

Service description

We offer advice, support and co-ordination to young people and their families as they prepare for adulthood and help them with the transition to adult health care services.

We provide home visits to:

  • Establish ongoing healthcare needs
  • Involve young people and their families in planning for their future.
  • Work with young people and their families to produce a personalised Health Action Plan which will include information about who can provide the support they need in adulthood.

We can attend Person Centered Reviews at schools.

We offer advice to other professionals around overall transitions to adulthood and adult healthcare services. We work with schools, social care providers and other agencies to support planning for transition.

Referral criteria

Children aged 14-19 years living in Leicester City with a City GP, who have ongoing health needs.

Who to contact if you need an interpreter or information about disabled access

If you require an interpreter at the appointment please inform the service when the appointment is booked.

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