Travelling Families Service

Our Travelling Families Service is a specialist outreach service which can also be accessed directly at a designated base and is available for Gypsy, Roma and travellers of all ages.

A number of different groups are covered by the generic term Gypsy, Roma, and traveller:- English and Welsh Gypsies, Scottish and Irish travellers, Showmen (fairground people), Circus people, Bargees (occupational boat dwellers ) and New Travellers.

The Travelling Families Team visit adults of all ages, children and babies to assess their health and wellbeing.

Gypsies and Travellers can expect a confidential, non- judgemental service from a team who have a specific awareness and understanding of their cultural needs. As we are an outreach service we have flexibility in visiting arrangements. The Gypsy or Traveller will be visited at home or at a place convenient to them and the team member.

We will carry out health assessments, offer support, advice and advocacy, immunisations, health promotion/education, referrals and signposting to other services, arrange appointments and remind to attend, and assist with registrations to services such as GPs, dentists and opticians. We also promote the importance of attending screening and other health appointments and give advice around public health issues, such as smoking, healthy eating, exercise, drug and alcohol issues, general wellbeing and mental health.

Referral criteria

Members of the Gypsy and Traveller communities.

Criteria exclusion

None stated.

How to access this service

Referrals can be made by any agency or self referral on 0116 295 8759.

What conditions do you cover

We are a small team offering support to all members of the Gypsy, Showmen and Traveller Communities of all ages within Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. We only work with Gypsies and Travellers. We use our experience and understanding of your culture to promote public health in the community.

We will come and visit you wherever you are living or a place that suits you and us. We visit adults, children and babies. We can also help you access a local GP, dentist or optician. We can help you to improve your health by giving advice, remind you to attend health checks and screenings, tell you about other services and refer you to them if needed. We can also give information on childhood injections (immunisations).

The Travelling Families Team now have a confidential text messaging service where you can get advice and support. Text us on 07520 615 384 (text only).

Contact info

0116 295 8759 text: 07520 615 384


  • healthcare professional
  • self (tel: 0116 295 8759)
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