Diana Childrens Community Service - Cultural Link Worker

Our Diana cultural link worker helps with communication between health professionals and families who do not speak English or where English is their second language.

Current languages that this service can support are Urdu, Punjabi and Gujarati. The cultural link worker accompanies any of the health professionals involved in home visits, hospital appointments and meetings, helping families to open up and voice their concerns. This in turn helps professionals to provide care that is appropriate and culturally sensitive.

Our cultural link worker provides training sessions for colleagues and other professionals on cultural and religious issues.

Click here to download the referral form.

Referral criteria

Children and young people up to 18 years old.

Criteria exclusion

None stated.

How to access this service

Request by email to fypc.referrals@nhs.net. The presence of a cultural link worker can also be requested by telephone.

What conditions do you cover

life-limiting, life-threatening,

Contact info

0116 295 5080


  • Diana children community nurse
  • healthcare professional (if you are receiving any of the Diana community services)
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