Adult Autism Assessment Service (AAAS) formerly known as Aspergers Diagnostic Se

Information leaflet under review and currently in development stage

Information on PRISM form and internal referral form. Referral information leaflet currently in development

Referral criteria

Assessment of Autism for people aged 18+ years

Criteria exclusion

People under 18 years of age. People who have already had an assessment of Autism or are undergoing an autism assessment elsewhere. People who have a diagnosed learning disability (can be referred to the specialist LD team for an assessment of Autism). People who are experiencing a mental health crisis. If a person has been referred for an ADHD assessment and an autism assessment, we would ask that the ADHD assessment is completed first as some symptoms of ADHD can be treated with medication. People living outside of LLR.

How to access this service

A referral can be requested via your general practitioner (GP) or mental health practitioner (MHP).

Professionals can refer via the Central Access Point, or by using the internal referral form available on the AAAS pathway.

If your referral is accepted, it will take approximately 2-4 months for a first assessment appointment, and 12-18 months for a full assessment.

What conditions do you cover

Assessment of Autism for people aged 18+ years

Contact info

0116 295 4553

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