The LLR Keyworking Service is an NHS funded service that provides support for autistic children and young people and/or learning disabilities who are at risk of being admitted to hospital due to a deterioration in their mental health. The service is part of the Dynamic Support Pathway (DSP).

Keyworkers are involved in navigating and co-ordinating services, aiming to unblock systems to support the child or young person.  The service ensures the child or young person, and parent/carer’s voice is heard. 

Keyworkers provide knowledge and understanding of systems within education, health and social care, and have the means and capacity to link with professionals in all these services.  

Who can access the service?

  • Any young person aged between 11-18 years
  • Any young person who lives in Leicester, Leicestershire or Rutland
  • Any young person who has a diagnosis of Autism and/or a learning disability

Professionals working in Health, Social Care and Education can refer people to the DSP.  Please use this link if you want to make a referral to the ROAR or the DSR.

Click here to find further information about the Dynamic Support Pathway.

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