An apprenticeship is a real job with training, so you can earn a wage while you learn and become fully trained in your chosen occupation by the end of the apprenticeship. It allows you to improve your skills and progress in your career.

An apprenticeship is an opportunity to work and study at the same time. Most of your time is spent doing on-the-job training, and the rest is spent working towards a qualification. You’ll get paid a salary and be part of a team, just like a standard employee, but you’ll also get dedicated study time throughout the week. During your apprenticeship, you usually spend around 80% of your working time in this day-to-day role and the remaining 20% of the time you will be studying, often in college.

There are different types or levels of apprenticeships. The qualification you can achieve can vary from the equivalent to GCSEs, to a master’s degree. Each level apprenticeship will have different entry requirements.

At LPT we offer a range of apprenticeships, in both clinical and non-clinical roles.  Our apprenticeships are fully funded via the apprenticeship levy, so there aren’t any personal costs associated with them.

Whether you want to become a registered nurse, are a registered professional looking to enhance your practice, or just starting out in your career in health care, we offer fully funded qualifications that will help you make your ambitions a reality.

It’s hard to imagine a more dynamic, fast-changing sector than health in the UK. Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust offers exciting learning opportunities. Flexible study arrangements fit in with your work and home life, so you can carry on earning while you learn. Don’t assume you’re too old. Apprenticeships for over 25’s are increasingly common, and it might be the perfect way for you to change career.

Apprenticeship opportunities at Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust are available on the NHS Jobs website at

If you are interested in finding out more about apprenticeships with our Trust or have any questions relating to apprenticeships, please email or visit to find out more about specific apprenticeships.

Hear more from some of our current and past apprentices and managers of apprentices below:

Charlotte Harris, ex apprentice

Amanda Parke, apprentice and registered nurse associate

Andrew Moonesinghe, apprentice manager

Courteney Swan, ex apprentice

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