Service description

The service provides expert knowledge and resources for children’s cancer nursing, home support and care co-ordination. We deliver care at home, in schools or in hospital.
The team provide information, education and ongoing support to schools, colleges, nurseries and playgroups so the child/ young person can continue their education. We work closely with hospitals, health professionals, social services, education and other agencies.

We aim to phone and visit a family within five days of first discharge after diagnosis. We can provide nursing care, psychological support and advice about treatments. We also visit nursery/playgroups/schools/colleges and provide them with information to enable the child to be able to return safely. We can also speak to the child’s peers if they want us to. We can see a small group, a class, year group or the whole school. We then work with the Diana team to provide ongoing nursing care and support at home or school until treatment is completed. We can take blood tests as requested by the hospitals and give intravenous antibiotics at home. This aspect of the service is delivered alongside children’s community nursing colleagues in the Diana service.

We also provide end of life care at home .

Referral criteria

Children and young people up to 18 years old who are under the care of a paediatric oncology or haematology consultant.

Who to contact if you need an interpreter or information about disabled access

If you require an interpreter at the appointment please inform the service when the appointment is booked.

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