Service description

We are a team of mental health professionals based at Springfield Road Health Centre in Leicester providing a service to a number of GP practices across the city. We provide assessment, intervention and support to people who have long-term physical health conditions that impact negatively on their mental health.

You will have been referred to our service by your GP or healthcare professional who will have provided us with some initial information regarding your current situation. We will carry out an initial mental health assessment either in your own home or at another venue of your choice, for example at your GP surgery. However if you prefer, an assessment can be provided by telephone or video link.

We aim to provide you with a high standard of care and a quality service, embracing our Trust values of compassion, integrity, respect and trust. In return we would expect to be treated likewise.

The purpose of the assessment is to ensure we develop a plan together based around your identified needs. It can be helpful if you have a relative or friend present at the time of assessment.

Once we have agreed your care plan with you, we will then discuss how best we can support you to achieve your optimum wellbeing. This could be by a mental health nurse, occupational therapist or health care support worker (mental health recovery worker).

The team will only be involved with you on a short-term basis. The length of time will vary from person to person dependent on need. This will be discussed with you regularly by your lead professional.

Take a look at the list of GP surgeries we cover

Please note the Integrated Care Mental Health Team is funded through the Better Care Fund (BCF) with support of the Leicester City CCG. At present we provide a service to 39 surgeries in Leicester City with plans to expand further in the coming year.

Ar Razi Medical Centre, LE5 5PQ

Asquith Surgery, LE2 6FG

Beaumont Leys Health Centre, LE4 0UZ

Bowling Green Street Surgery, LE1 6AS

Clarendon Park Surgery, LE2 3AG

Community Health Centre Surgery, LE2 0GU

Downing Drive Surgery, LE5 6LP

DR Minhas @ Aylestone Health, LE2 8SF

DR Sahdev Surgery @ Aylestone, LE2 8PR

Dr G Singh Surgery, LE2 9DB

East Leicester Medical Practice, LE5 4BP

Groby Road Surgery, LE3 9ED

Fosse Family Practice, LE3 0QD

Fosse Medical Centre, LE3 5RR

Heatherbrook, LE4 1EF

Heron Practice (Merlyn Vaz Branch), LE5 0FQ

Heron Practice (St Matthews Branch), LE1 2NZ

Highfield Surgery (and Branch), LE2 0NN

Highfield Medical Centre (Merlyn Vaz), LE5 3GH

Hockley Farm Medical Centre, LE3 1HN

Humberstone Surgery, LE5 0PR

Manor Medical Centre, LE4 8EA

Melbourne Street Surgery, LE2 OAS

Merridale Medical Centre, LE3 1BL

Oakmeadow Surgery, LE3 8NF

Parker Drive Medical Centre, LE4 0JF

Pasley Road Health Centre, LE2 9BU

Practice Sayeed, LE5 5AY

Rushey Mead Surgery, LE4 7ZX

Saffron Health, LE2 6UL

Shefa Medical Practice, LE2 0TA

Springfield Road Surgery, LE2 3BB

St Elizabeth Medical Centre, LE5 1DR

The Common Surgery, LE5 6EA

The Hedges Medical Centre, LE2 9BU

The Johnson Practice, LE5 1BL

The Parks Medical Centre, LE3 9PW

The Willows Medical Centre, LE5 4LJ

Victoria Park Health Surgery, LE2 1XD

Willowbrook Surgery, LE5 2NL

Referral criteria

People aged 18 – 64 who have long-term physical health conditions that are negatively impacting on their mental health, or vice versa.

Patients over the age of 65 who are frail or who have a long-term physical health conditions, where there are concerns regarding their mental health for example depression, anxiety and cognitive impairent.

Who to contact if you need an interpreter or information about disabled access

Please contact the team directly tel: 0116 225 6779

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