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Who are we?

Podiatrists are highly trained specialists in the foot and lower limb, who treat a range of conditions. These may include: skin and nail problems, pain and musculoskeletal problems or foot problems arising due to some long-term health conditions.

Podiatrists are autonomous practitioners, which means we will make our own clinical decisions when diagnosing and treating conditions. Our aim is to enhance your mobility while supporting you to help yourself. We also work with other specialities and can refer on as appropriate.

All our podiatrists are registered with the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC) who ensure that staff meet their standards for training, competence and professional behaviour.

What we treat

Our team of Podiatrists and Podiatry Assistants are dealing with an ever-increasing number of patients with complex needs that affect their feet. The service, therefore, aims to provide high quality intervention for those individuals considered to be at greatest need, to prevent further complications.

We treat a range of foot conditions where there is a medical need, including:

  • Those with a foot problem and a medical condition that could lead to foot ulceration or amputation
  • Painful toenails (You will be managed and then discharged once your treatment is completed)
  • Diabetic patients with a foot problem
  • Open wounds below the ankle for 4 weeks or longer
  • Children with foot pain
  • Sudden red, hot, swollen foot with or without an open wound
  • Assessment and treatment of Musculoskeletal problems associated with walking or running.

What we do not treat

We are unable to offer treatment routinely:

  • If you are unable to cut your own nails.
  • You have diabetes but do not have any other concerns with your feet.
  • You have fungal nail(s), dry skin, athlete’s foot or verruca - All of these conditions can be managed with over the counter treatments, please speak to your GP or pharmacist.
  • You have an alignment concern with the feet or toes, which causes no pain. For example, pain free bunions, hammer toes or flat feet/fallen arches.
  • You would like replacement of worn-out orthotics but no longer have symptoms.
  • Your pain or problem is related to certain footwear.

Nail Cutting and General Footcare

We are aware that many people are in need of footcare either because they are unable to do it for themselves or because they have become anxious about injuring themselves if they do.

The Podiatry service does not offer a general footcare or nail cutting service. Often a family member or other trusted person can manage your feet with care but some people may still prefer for a professional to provide the treatment.

When looking for the services of a chiropodist or podiatrist, their registration status can be checked using the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) website.

Please be aware that other foot care professionals also exist, although legally they cannot refer to themselves as a chiropodist or podiatrist, so may present under different titles.

If you choose to use another professional, we encourage you to do your best to satisfy yourself that they are appropriately trained and only working within their trained scope of practice.


For some people, having diabetes can pose a significant risk of foot ulceration or amputation. Fortunately, most people living with diabetes do not develop these problems. A diabetic foot check should be completed on a regular basis. This is usually done at your GP practice.

If you have a foot problem and have been assessed as low risk or at moderate / increased risk of developing foot complications, you may be seen for a limited number of appointments to complete any required treatment – this may be only one appointment. You will then be discharged with relevant self-care advice and contact numbers, for if you develop concerns in the future.

If you have been assessed as being at high risk of developing or currently have foot complications, wounds or foot health problems, you will be seen regularly by the podiatry service with self-care advice. This may also include being seen by a multi-disciplinary team.

Self-care for your feet

We encourage members of the public to take steps to prevent foot problems. There are also simple things you can do if you develop minor problems. See our self-care page for more.

If this advice isn’t working for you and you need to see a podiatrist, they will help to correctly diagnose your problem and formulate a more effective treatment plan.

Home visits

Podiatry is a clinic-based service, often involving sharp and specialist equipment. In a clinic setting, safe and effective treatment can be provided. Therefore, home visits are limited to those who are bedbound. Patients who do not meet this criteria, including those who use wheelchairs or walking aids will be asked to attend clinic. We will do our best to enable you to access a ground floor clinic, with accessible parking where required and provide sufficient notice to make transport or support arrangements.

For those who do not have access to a vehicle or public transport, there are a number of local transport schemes you may be able to use, subject to their qualifying criteria. More information about transport schemes can be found on our help, support and resources page.


The Podiatry Service offers appointments at these locations. We will try to offer your nearest clinic. However, if this is not possible you may be asked to travel to an alternative clinic for your appointment.

Referral criteria

Podiatry offers a self-referral service for potential patients. Applications can be made completing this downloadable form  and return it to LLR.Podiatry@nhs.net or completing the online form below.

Podiatry online form

Use this form to apply for a podiatry assessment. Please note – the Podiatry Service does not provide a nail cutting or general footcare service

Who to contact if you need an interpreter or information about disabled access

Request in advance on application form or via call centre tel: 0116 225 5118 or email: LLR.Podiatry@nhs.net

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