Community Paediatric Service

Our team offers specialist services to children and young people living in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

The community paediatric team offers a specialist service to children and young people residing in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland for various health needs.

For example:

  • Investigation of children under 5 years of age presenting with global developmental delay or significant delay in specific developmental areas.
  • Medical input to support assessment of preschool/primary school age children presenting with challenging behaviour, where an underlying neurodevelopmental condition such as autism or ADHD is suspected. Guidance on managing this as appropriate.
  • Management of children with certain genetic/medical conditions (e.g. Down’s syndrome, tuberous sclerosis, neurofibromatosis) that need ongoing neurodevelopmental surveillance.
  • Management of children with neurodisability (e.g cerebral palsy), complex health needs and certain life limiting conditions.
  • Specialist medical input for looked after children, children undergoing adoption and fostering.
  • Safeguarding medical assessment of children with suspected physical abuse and neglect, following referral from social services.
  • Specialist medical advice for children with significant special educational needs who are known to the service. (e.g children requiring an Education, Health and Care Plan).

Referral criteria

New referrals will be accepted for children and young people up until 16 years of age. If a young person is at a special school, referrals may be accepted up to the age of 19 years. The service will be provided to children and young people registered with any GP within Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Children should display one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Concerns regarding a child’s development such as developmental delay or disordered development.

Medical assessment and investigations for:

  • Children with global developmental delay/significant delay in specific developmental areas i.e., motor delay and/or non-verbal by 2 years.
  • Medical input as part of MDT assessment of children (preschool/primary school age) with suspected underlying neuro developmental issues (ASD and ADHD). The referral to include school /nursery report.
  • Difficulties must be present in more than one setting.
  • Please note assessments for ADHD will not be accepted for children under the age of 5 and a half years due to developmental variation.
  • ASD assessment will not be accepted for children under 2 years.
  • Neurological disability e.g. cerebral palsy or other physical disabilities.
  • Management of children with certain genetic/medical conditions (e.g., Down’s syndrome, tuberous sclerosis, neurofibromatosis) who need ongoing neurodevelopmental surveillance and medical management.
  • Medical assessment and management of children with neuro disability (e.g., cerebral palsy).
  • Behavioural problems in association with disordered development or when there is a suspected underlying neurodevelopmental disorder e.g. Autistic Spectrum Disorder (primary school age), ADHD (unless mental health disorder or oppositional behaviour in a secondary school age child) genetic disorders needing paediatric medical follow up e.g. Down’s syndrome, complex needs, symptom management in children with life-limiting conditions.

Community paediatricians will accept referrals for those with emotional or behavioural issues that also have physical symptoms that require a paediatric assessment or where a neurodevelopmental condition i.e. ADHD/ASD is suspected.

Conditions NOT covered by the service are:

  • Behavioural support/medical input for emotional behaviour difficulties/sleep in the absence of a neuro developmental condition (note melatonin is not first line management). Consider health visitor/public health nurse/Solihull Approach/Early Help. See Help, Support and Resources.
  • General paediatric medical conditions (headache, UTI, constipation, growth issues – including failure to thrive, concerns around head circumference etc. – recurrent chest infections, asthma, faints/syncope). Refer to general paediatrics team, Leicester Royal Infirmary (LRI).
  • Seizures/epilepsy. Refer to paediatric neurology, LRI.
  • Allergies. Refer to allergy clinic, LRI.
  • Skin conditions (scabies, eczema). Refer to dermatology, LRI
  • Cardiac Issues (murmur). Refer to paediatric cardiology team.
  • Visual difficulties (squint, absence of red reflex). Refer to ophthalmology team.
  • Orthopaedic Issues (concerns about developmental dysplasia of hips, flat feet, tip toe walking, in toeing gait). Refer to paediatric orthopaedic team, LRI.
  • Assessment for dyslexia (or other specific learning difficulties). Seek information and support through SENCo/SENDIASS. See Help, Support and Resources.
  • Assessment of children with coordination difficulties over the age of 5 years (e.g., dyspraxia/developmental coordination disorder). Refer to occupational therapy.

Depending upon functional difficulties:

  • Seizures/epilepsy. Refer to paediatric neurology, LRI.
  • Support for deterioration of behaviour as part of a previous diagnosis of ASD in the absence of concerns about physical health or new neuro development concern. Consider Early Help, Chat Autism, Autism Space, National Autistic Society Leicester for home needs and SENCo/SENDIASS for school needs. See Help, Support and Resources.
  • Assessment for dyslexia (or other specific learning difficulties)
  • Assessment of significant emotional and behavioural difficulties in school age children, unless as part of a formal assessment of special educational needs.
  • Isolated speech and language difficulties e.g. stutter.
  • Obesity.


Criteria exclusion

See above.

How to access this service

Referrals are accepted from GPs, public health nurses (health visitors and school nurses), educational psychologists, therapy services (such as speech and language, physiotherapy and occupational therapy) and other medical professionals.

What conditions do you cover

See referral criteria.

Contact info

0116 2951350


  • educational psychologist
  • GP
  • healthcare professional
  • public health nurse
  • therapist
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