Mental Health Services for Older People (MHSOP) In-reach Team

Our MHSOP In-reach Team provide assessment and specialist support to patients with dementia who are living in a care home.

The team sees patients who are experiencing difficulties due to their dementia and require specialist support and advice.

The team also provide mental health assessment and specialist support to older patients with mental health problems who are current inpatients in one of our community hospitals.

Referral criteria

Patients with a diagnosis of dementia residing in a care, residential or nursing home.

Patients demonstrating behaviour and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD) and where there is an indication for placement breakdown leading to potential hospital admission.

This could be due to a risk of harm to self and/or others or the behaviour impacting on the ability of the care home to meet patient needs.

Patients requiring intensive assessment and intervention to maintain placement in a care home.

Management of withdrawal of anti-psychotic medication giving rise to behavioural changes which could impact on placement in care homes.

Patients in a community hospital who need a mental health assessment.


Access via:

Central referral hub

By letter

Tel: 0116 295 6894


Fax: 0116 295 3156


Criteria exclusion

None stated.

How to access this service

Access is by referral from a healthcare professional.

What conditions do you cover

Depression, anxiety or psychotic illness.

Contact info

0116 295 6887


  • Community hospitals
  • nursing home
  • residential home
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