The service:

  • Offers a care after custody service that seeks to improve the continuity of care of vulnerable people leaving prisons/Immigration Removal Centres (IRC)
  • Supports service users’ transition to community-based services and safeguards health gains made whilst in prison/IRC
  • Offer liaison, advocacy, signposting, and engagement with community-based health and support services
  • Improves service users’ wellbeing, reduce inequalities and address health-related drivers of offending behaviours.

It is not a mental health-only offer.

Referral criteria

  • Individuals leaving secure/detained settings (prison/IRC) with an identified health vulnerability who would otherwise struggle to engage with community-based healthcare services and/or relevant support services
  • Individuals with health vulnerabilities aged 18 or above who have left a prison/IRC within the last 28 days.

Criteria exclusion

Children and Young People (below 18) Individuals eligible to access other enhanced services such as Integrated Risk Management Services (IIRMS), residential rehabilitation services or Enhanced RECONNECT provision.

How to access this service

Please use the Reconnect referral form. Please email the form to

What conditions do you cover

The service will offer relevant advice, support, and sign-posting services to offenders with identified vulnerabilities leaving detention facilities with the aim of reintegration into the community post-release. Please note: this is not a mental health-only service.

Contact info

0116 225 6000

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