If you are in need of urgent NHS mental health support you should call our Mental Health Central Access Point on 0808 800 3302. For more information head to: www.leicspart.nhs.uk/contact/urgent-help

Service description

There are 12 wards situated in 8 hospitals around Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. 10 of these wards provide Sub Acute, Complex Rehabilitation and End of Life Care to patients transferred from major hospitals including the University Hospitals of Leicester or alternatively patients can be admitted via their GP from home.

Ward 1 at St Luke’s Hospital and Ward 1 at Coalville Community Hospital are both stroke units offering specialist stroke rehabilitation together with education and management plans for stroke survivors.   

Visiting hours

Visiting arrangements for all community hospital wards has been revised due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

Visiting hours are from 1-4pm each day for a duration of 60 minutes. No more than one visitor per patient will be permitted at any one time.

Visitors need to book prior to visiting by calling the relevant ward and completing a Covid-19 questionnaire (staff will provide this as part of the call to the ward). The ward sister/Charge Nurse/Matron will risk assess the number of visitors allowed per day; this will be dependent on the acuity of the ward and the numbers of staff available to adequately supervise visitors.

Masks must be worn for the duration of your visit unless an exemption is in place. These are available from main reception and can be disposed of in clinical waste at the exit via main reception. Visitors are requested to maintain 2 metres social distancing however in our low risk areas, visitors must wear an apron and gloves if they are to go within 2 metres of the patient. In our high risk (Covid) areas full PPE (mask, apron and gloves) must be worn at all times.

All visitors will be greeted on entry to the ward area and apply hand sanitizer.  Privacy curtains between the beds will need to be drawn to act as a physical barrier and reminder to maintain 2 metres social distancing.

At the end of the booked slot a member of staff will escort the visitor off the ward and ensure PPE is disposed of appropriately and hand washing takes place.

Infection control

All visitors must use the alcohol hand gel on entering and leaving the ward and wash their hands thoroughly before and after contact with patients. For infection control and prevention reasons we also ask that visitors use the chairs available and do not sit on the beds.

Smoking policy

All our hospitals and wards are smoke- free, in line with government policy. Use of e-cigarettes (vaping) is permitted outside and in certain areas. Please discuss with a member of staff for details.


Breakfast: 8-9am

Main meal: 12-1pm

Evening meal: 5-6pm

All wards have protected mealtimes which means that no clinical activity (medical/ nursing or therapy) will take place at this time to ensure patients are not disturbed. Visitors are welcome during mealtimes, unless particular circumstances prevent this. The nurse in charge will discuss this with you if applicable.

The Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT)

The ward is led and managed by the ward sister/charge nurse, supported by the physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy leads.

Medical cover is provided by Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANPs) with consultants visiting the wards twice weekly. The ANP is on site Monday to Friday and reviews all patients. The out of hours doctors cover in the evenings and at the weekend. The consultant reviews all new patients and discusses any medical issues with the Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT).

Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy is provided dependant on patient need and all patients receive all appropriate therapy assessments. These assessment include consideration of the patients physiological and cognitive needs, provision of goal led intervention planned with the patients, together with holistic discharge planning. Specialist Occupational Therapy and physiotherapy is provided at the two stroke units.

Care is planned, managed and overseen by registered nursing staff with the support of healthcare assistants and technical instructors. The nursing staff are available throughout the day and night.

Multidisciplinary care is provided in partnership with other professions and providers including adult social care. The social work team are in regular contact with the MDT to assess and plan community social care and support on discharge.

The assessment and discharge process

The community hospital teams are committed to supporting the best possible outcome for patients in their care. They will work with patients to support their discharge home as this is usually the best environment for recovery, to regain independence and to understand any on-going needs. If home is not possible they will work with patients and other organisations to identify the most appropriate environment for on-going care needs. To learn more about this, see this leaflet:  Supporting you to leave hospital.


We welcome any compliments, questions, comments or concerns that you may have regarding care on the ward. Please speak to the Ward Sister or Matron in the first instance.

PALS (Patients Advise and Liaison Service) are also available if you would prefer to talk to someone away from the ward. PALS provide confidential advice and support.

They can be contacted on:- 0116 295 0830

Referral criteria

Adults requiring sub acute complex rehabilitation and end of life care will be accepted onto the wards following a handover from the referring ward/GP. This applies to all wards except Ward 1 at St Luke’s Hospital and Ward 1 at Coalville Hospital who specialise in specialist stroke rehabilitation only. Referrals to the specialist stroke wards will be accepted directly from University Hospitals of Leicester.

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