Service description

The Integrated Community Specialist Palliative Care service is a team of nurses and HCAs from LPT and LOROS. The team look after patients with life-limiting illnesses, including cancer, who have complex palliative care needs, especially pain and symptom management, as well as patients who are in the last days of life. This can include when appropriate intervention has failed to control symptoms; when symptoms are escalating and there is incomplete symptom control; when patients or families/carers require psychological and spiritual care or if there are any other problems that other healthcare professionals are unable to manage.

The team offers different levels of support to patients, families/carers, including; telephone advice, one-off assessments, on-going management and personal care.

Working in partnership with other professionals, including community nurses, GPs, palliative care medical teams, and social services. They offer advice and support to other members of the community health service about their patients.

Referral criteria

Referrals to the team can be made by any healthcare or social care professional but requires the knowledge and agreement of the patient (unless too ill or unable to consent). Patients and carers can re-refer back in at a later time if required via the Single Point of Access (SPA – 0300 300 7777).

Who to contact if you need an interpreter or information about disabled access

The referrer needs to highlight on the referral form if an interpreter is required at appointments.

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