Service description

Pulmonary rehab is a programme of exercise and education for people with long-term lung conditions. It combines physical exercise sessions with education and advice and is designed to help you to manage the symptoms of your condition better.

Pulmonary rehab is aimed at people who have breathing difficulties caused by a lung condition that affects their ability to do daily activities. Pulmonary rehab may help to improve your ability to walk further and be able to do more, improve your muscle strength so you can use the oxygen you breathe more efficiently, help you to cope better with feeling out of breath and improve your quality of life.

Your age and the severity of your condition will not stop you from taking part in pulmonary rehab or from seeing an improvement. The pulmonary rehab programmes are held in community hospitals, community halls and leisure centres across all of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. The team is made up of physiotherapists and physiotherapy assistants. The programmes also have input from respiratory nurses and dieticians.

Prior to starting a pulmonary rehab programme you will have an initial assessment of your health and abilities. A respiratory physiotherapist or nurse will ask questions to understand you and help you get the best out of the programme. The assessment will also involve completing some walking tests and questionnaires. A pulmonary rehab programme then lasts for six weeks with two, two hourly sessions a week. You will be part of a group of up to 16 people. At each session you will exercise on and off for up to one hour. This will be carefully tailored to your current ability so that it provides just the right level of exercise for you. The rest of the time will be spent providing education and tips about living with and managing a lung condition. People often really enjoy the programme and benefit from meeting others in a similar situation.

Pulmonary rehab is always performed in a safe, sociable, enjoyable and fun environment with refreshments provided. Pulmonary rehab requires your commitment to really work. You need to attend sessions regularly and follow the advice given by the team.

Referral criteria

All patients need to have either a confirmed respiratory diagnosis or a confirmed diagnosis of heart failure prior to attending.

Who to contact if you need an interpreter or information about disabled access

Call the service co-ordinators tel: 01509 410 262 so that they can notify the nurse and book an interpreter.

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