ChatAutism is a messaging service that provides a safe and easy way to send a text message to a healthcare professional and get confidential help and advice.

Through ChatAutism, diagnosed or non-diagnosed autistic people – or their family and carers – are able to access advice and support directly from the Specialist Autism Team on topics such as:

  • emotional wellbeing
  • how to have a healthy lifestyle
  • how to have healthy relationships
  • advice on drugs, alcohol and smoking
  • support with understanding autism
  • signposting to helpful resources
  • assessment and diagnosis advice.

This service is open to people of all ages.

Text the Specialist Autism Team on:

07312 277097

The service is available 9am-5pm every week day, excluding bank holidays. The text line stays open during the school holidays too. You will receive a response within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.

This service is totally confidential: your information will only be shared if the health professional is worried about you or someone else’s safety or if you share information which may be concerning or put you or someone else at risk or danger.



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