The Bradgate Mental Health Unit

An acute mental health admissions unit with seven acute admission wards and a ten-bedded male Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU).

All referrals are gatekept by our Crisis Team if not detained or open to the forensic or assertive outreach teams. Referrals will then go via the bed management team based at the Bradgate unit. The service operates a Multi-Professional Team made up of Psychiatrists, junior doctors, nurses, OTs, Therapeutic Liaison Workers, Healthcare Support Workers, Physiotherapist, Physical Health Nurses, Psycholigists and Speach and Language Therapists. There is an involvement Centre where people can access IT, information, snacks and drinks, clothing sales, groups and to socialise. There is a gym and outside space for people. We operate a no smoking policy on hospital grounds. Nicotine Replacement Therapy is offered. Tel: 0300 300 1010 (for professional use only)

Referral criteria

People with acute mental health difficulties experiencing an episode of crisis which is unable to be managed at home with crisis team support or via the crisis house. Access via the crisis team if not gatekept or via the bed management team if gatekept already by the Crisis team, AO or the forensic community team.

Consultants working within this service: Dr Vann, Dr Abbas, Dr Benaris. Dr Al-Uzri, Dr Pingley, Dr Acharia, Dr S Dyer, Dr D Kinnair.

Via the crisis team if not gatekept or via the bed management team if already gatekept by the crisis team, assertive outreach, the community forensic team or are being referred under a section of the Mental Health Act. Tel: 0300 300 1010 (professional use only).

Criteria exclusion

None stated.

How to access this service

Access is by referral.

What conditions do you cover

People with acute mental ill health – experiencing an episode of crisis which cannot be managed in the community both formal (admitted under a section of the Mental Health Act) and informal.

Contact info

0116 225 6000


  • bed management team
  • crisis team
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