Maternal Mental Health Service

We are a psychology-led, trauma-informed service. We have a small multi-disciplinary team which includes a psychology team, a specialist mental health midwife and a specialist mental health nurse.

In the Maternal Mental Health Team we help women and birthing people with moderate to severe difficulties related to birth trauma, baby loss, and tokophobia.

Referral criteria

This service is for those experiencing difficulties following a traumatic birth experience or baby loss, or if they are struggling with severe anxiety about their pregnancy or upcoming birth and would like additional support.

Referrals are accepted from midwives, obstetricians, health visitors and birth reflections. Please email the referral form to:

Criteria exclusion

None applicable.

How to access this service

Please note we do not accept self-referrals at the present time. If you would like to access the service, please speak to your maternity team and ask for a referral to the Maternal Mental Health Service.

What conditions do you cover

  • Moderate to severe difficulties following a traumatic birth experience
  • Difficulties continuing for more than 3 months following traumatic baby loss (including for example miscarriage, ectopic or molar pregnancy, termination, foetal reduction, still birth, neonatal death)
  • Severe anxiety about pregnancy or upcoming birth
  • Pregnancy related phobias impacting upon maternity care, such as needle phobia

Contact info

0116 295 7920

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