What is the NHS Equality Delivery System?

EDS helps NHS organisations improve services for local communities and provide better working environments, free of discrimination.


In 2022, NHS England launched a new Equality Delivery System 2022 framework following a review of the existing EDS2 toolkit. EDS 2022 is designed for both NHS commissioners and NHS providers and places a heavier focus on partnership working between ICS system partners.

As part of a transitional year during 2022/23, the ICB and system partners (University Hospitals of Leicester UHL and Leicestershire Partnership Trust LPT) have placed a strong focus on planning three services to evaluate in 2023/24 as part of EDS Domain one’s ‘Commissioned or Provided Services’. All three organisations have also been collecting evidence for Domain 2 (Workforce Health and Well-being) and Domain 3 (Inclusive Leadership) for evaluation.


The ICB, UHL & LPT remain committed to using the EDS framework to support consistent assessment of our performance against EDS domains and promote involvement of our diverse communities.


View previous gradings here:

EDS2 gradings 2016

  • EDS2 grading 2016
    (Please refer to Trust Board meeting May 2016, Paper V, in the appendix on page 273.)

EDS gradings 2012

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